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Remains of Innocence

By ASUKASTRIKES, Feel free to e-mail me with any comments, criticisms, etc.

Disclaimer - Evangelion and its characters are (c)GAINAX. Some of the text are quotes from the series (English dubbed), but most of it isn't.






SCENE: Evangelion Unit-01 with a rifle in its hand, in the city of Tokyo-3.  There are no enemies nearby - Unit-01 is in a testing session.

SCENE: Inside Central Dogma.  Ritsuko, Misato, Gendo, Fuyutsuki, and the techs all stand in their usual spots, watching Unit-01 from a large screen.

RITSUKO:  "Shinji! Advance three-hundred meters and fire at the target."

SCENE: EVA-01 sprints forward at a surprising rate, far too fast for the three-hundred meters he is supposed to run.

RITSUKO (angrily): "Shinji, slow down!"

SHINJI (shocked and confused): "I can't!"

SCENE: Maya's eyes dart toward the sync ratio panel, only to find it at 0%.

MAYA: "He shouldn't be able to move!"

MISATO: "Eject the entry plug!"

MAYA (shaking her head): "It is rejecting it! We can't eject the plug!"

SCENE: Hyuga stands up rapidly.

HYUGA (yelling): "He's going to run right into the sea!"


SCENE: Misato turns to look at Hyuga.

MISATO (thinking): This is impossible...there is no possible way this could be happening...the Angels are all dead....

MISATO: "How's Asuka?"

SCENE: Hyuga's eyes dart toward the panel where he can see Asuka Langley Sohryu lying unconscious in her bed in room 303.

HYUGA: "Still comatose."

MISATO: "And Rei?"

HYUGA:  "I don't know. She isn't registering on the monitor...I can't find her!"


SCENE:  Two Reis stand before each other.  One wears her plug suit - the other wears a school uniform.  They are surrounded by blackness - there is no scenary to be recognized by them.

REI II: "Who are you?"

REI III: "I am you."

REI II (frowning): "An Angel? But I am not an Angel. I am what makes me *me*."

REI III: "But I am you. I feel your loneliness."

REI II: "I am not lonely. Commander Ikari, the Second Child, Shinji Ikari, Major Katsuragi. I know them, and through them I am able to attain what is not lonely."

REI III: "You are different from them, aren't you?"

REI II: "Different?"

REI III: "You aren't like them."

REI II: "No human is like another. But we are all tied together to make the single human in the end, the Angel, Lillith. We are the 18th Angel, but only together. Apart, we are human."

REI III: "What is human?"

REI II: " what I am, my very being. You are not human, but what we call an Angel. Angels are not humans, humans are not Angels. We are two separate beings."

REI III: "3rd impact will occur soon."

REI II:  "No.  You are wrong."

REI III: "Wrong?  I do not understand."

REI II:  "You never will.  Now leave or I will destroy you."

REI III: "I will not leave."

REI II: "Then die."

SCENE:  Rei sitting up quickly.  She is in her room, and faint sunlight breaks in through the crack in the curtains that cover her window.  Rei looks at the glasses that are practically broken and lie on the floor.

REI: "Why? Why are these like this?"

SCENE: Tears come to Rei's eyes as she picks up Commander Ikari's glasses, those he had worn when he'd saved her from Evangelion Unit-00's episode of berserking, many months before.

REI: "I have been neglecting you Commander, haven't I? I'll make up for it. I promise."

SCENE:  Rei starts for the door.


GENDO: "Rei!"

SCENE: Gendo smashes his fist against the door for the fourth time in a row, and finally tears the door wide open, ignoring the hinges as they are torn free of the door.  Rei is no where to be seen.

GENDO: "Rei?"


SCENE: The new EVA Unit 00, painted a dark, midnight blue, stands before her. Rei, dressed in her plug suit, gets into the entry plug and synchronizes.

REI II:  "Eva Unit 00, launch."

Back in central dogma...

HYUGA (yelling): "Unit 00 just launched! Someone's inside!"

SCENE:  Ritsuko's face, confusion battling with her normally serene face.


HYUGA: "It's...what? It can't be! Rei!"

Unit 00 races after Unit 01, catching up, but obviously at a great mental cost.

MISATO (thinking):  How could Rei have gotten here so quickly?  What's going on?  I don't understand any of this, its ridiculous.  How did she even know Shinji was in trouble?!

REI:  "Ikari! Unit 01, slow down!"

SHINJI (shocked and scared):  "Ayanami? I can't! It is like it is a totally different creature! I don't even register! According to the computers I'm not here!"

SCENE: Rei forces herself to concentrate on running, her entire mind focused on it like it had never been before.

RITSUKO: "Rei! Come back! There is no hope for Shinji!"


SCENE: Misato slaps her former friend across the face.

MISATO: "Rei! Keep going, there's always hope!"

Hyuga looks to the moniters again and his eyes widen.  He turns his head toward Misato and Ritsuko.

HYUGA: "I can't find Asuka anywhere!"

MISATO AND MAYA TOGETHER: "Huh? Asuka's gone?"

REI: "Expanding AT field to full."

Unit-01 is struck in the back, but it changes nothing. They were too far away and Unit-01's performance was no hindered by the A.T. Field expansion.

REI: "Ikari, try to slow it down! However you can!"

VOICE: "He can't do it."

SCENE: Rei gasps as she turned to see who belonged to the new voice. Unit 02 races next to her and passes her.

ASUKA: "I finally understand! I can win! Now it's my chance to be the hero! If I save Shinji, he can't be the best anymore!"

SCENE: Unit 02 sprints forward even faster, catching up to Shinji with ease.

ASUKA (shocked): "I-What?! An Angel? It can't be! They're all dead!"

Hyuga analyzes Unit-01's blood type, surprised that he hadn't thought to do it before.

HYUGA: "Blood type Blue! It is coming from...Unit 01?"


ASUKA: "Don't worry Misato, I'll take care of everything."

MISATO: "Asuka?! What the hell...!"

ASUKA: "Don't interfere. I can get him."

MISATO: "Asuka, Unit 01 is an Angel! It was somehow taken over!"

REI: "No...I know that Angel. cycled from blue to orange. It was within it is within Evangelion Unit-01. It will get inside of Shinji if you don't do something.  It uses humans as its hosts.  It must be destroyed or it will destroy *us*."

SCENE: Unit 00 stops.

REI: "Unit 02, we're counting on you."

ASUKA: "Right!"

SCENE: Asuka screams in fury and energy and bursts forward, easily accomplishing what Rei could not, and got in front of him. She threw her hands out and screamed.

ASUKA: "Spreading AT field!"

SCENE: Eva 01 hits her with surprising strength and speed, and the little camera thingy appears to Asuka's eyes.

SHINJI: "Asuka! Is that you?"

ASUKA: "Idiot! Of course it's me! I've come to save your rear, so don't you dare do anything stupid or I'll kill you!"

SHINJI: "Your alive!"

ASUKA: "SHUT UP!  I'm trying to concentrate, Shinji!"

SHINJI: "I'm sorry."

ASUKA:  "SHUT UP!"  "Misato, how much time does he have left?"

MISATO: "It ran out long ago. He shouldn't be able to move with a sync ratio of zero and without power!"

ASUKA and SHINJI together: "ZERO?!"

ASUKA (thinking): "It must be the Angel."

SHINJI (as if reading her thoughts): "What? An Angel is in Unit 01?"

ASUKA: "Yes! Now let me concentrate. Now!"

SCENE: Asuka lets her progressive knife come out and grabs it.

MISATO: "Disconnect Shinji's nerve connections!"

MAYA: "I'll try."  "It isn't accepting it!"

SHINJI (bracing himself): "I don't care! Asuka, do it!"

MISATO: "Shinji...! You can't!"

SHINJI: "I'd rather suffer for a short time than have that Angel inside of me!"

REI: "He's right."

ASUKA: "Here I come!"

MISATO: "Shinji, brace yourself!"

SCENE: The progressive knife severs Unit 01's right arm.  Shinji screams.

SHINJI (in great pain): "Asuka, hurry up!"

ASUKA (frustrated): "I'm trying!"

SCENE:  Asuka buries the knife into Unit 01's chest and with her left hand reaches around it to get at the entry plug. She pulls at the back of the neck of the Evangelion and the entry plug pops out. She yanks the entry plug out.  Holding it carefully in her left hand she backs away from the Evangelion-turned-Angel.

ASUKA: "There. What do I do about Unit 01?"


SCENE: All faces in Central Dogma turn to look at him.

GENDO (frantic, as he was when Rei was injured): "Don't destroy Unit 01!"

ASUKA: "What? But I am supposed to destroy the enemy. How can I destroy it if you won't let me?"

SCENE:  Asuka cries out in pain and her eyes dart to look down at her right EVA arm.


MAYA: "Bio-contamination! It's trying to fuse with Unit 02 and Asuka!"

GENDO: "Sever the right arm!"

MAYA: "But her nerve connections are..."

GENDO: "Do it!"

SCENE: Unit-02's arm is severed and Asuka's scream of pain is heard.  The crippled Unit-02 backs off more, but is still in range of Unit-01's attack.

GENDO: "Rei, get to Unit 01 and spread your AT field to maximum.  Keep Evangelion Unit-01 in top condition."

MISATO (frantically): "Asuka, get out of there!"

ASUKA (determined): "Never! I'll destroy this Angel before I'll let Wondergirl do it! Spreading AT field to maximum!"

REI (in response to Gendo): "Yes, Commander."

SCENE: Unit 01 roars and lunges at Asuka.

ASUKA: "Die Angel!"

SCENE: Asuka grabs Unit-01 by the throat and pulls, yanking a large section of its neck out and Unit-01's "blood" goes everywhere.  She rips open Unit-01's stomach and spots the S2 organ and kicks it, trying to break it as she would the core of an Angel. The Angel Unit-01 attacks her left leg and begins to pull it out, but Asuka severs the arm easily.

GENDO: "No!"

GENDO: "Disconnect the nerve connections of Unit-02's pilot now and eject the plug!"

MISATO: "What's so important about Unit-01?!  I know that it is different from the other Evangelions!  Why do you want Asuka's nerve connections to be disabled when she is NERV's only hope?  If we do that now we could all be destroyed!"

RITSUKO (glaring at Misato): "That's none of your business, Major Katsuragi! You belong in combat!"

RITSUKO (turning to Maya): "Maya, do it now!"

MAYA (confused): "I can't eject the plug or cut her nerve connections! It's being refused from inside the plug!"

GENDO (impatiently): "Then raise the pressure inside the plug.  Do it!"

SCENE: Eva-02 lunges toward Unit-01, tearing the chest plates off and kicking at it, tearing it apart. The S2 organ is smashed and Unit-01 ceases activation.

MAYA: "The Eva isn't accepting it!"

SCENE: Gendo stands up when he notices Eva-01 not moving, fear and shock on his face.

FUYUTSUKI (thinking): Is Eva Unit 02 protecting Asuka?

GENDO: "Evangelion Unit-02..."

FUYUTSUKI (whispering to Gendo): "I think that the Angel might have destroyed her before Eva-02's pilot did."

GENDO: "Then we have failed."

SCENE:  Misato gasps as she hears the last few words uttered by Vice Commander Fuyutsuki and Commander Ikari.  She llistens a little harder.

GENDO: "The path to becoming one with God, the instrumentality Project, is canceled until further notice."

MISATO (thinking): The path to becoming one with God...Does he mean 3rd impact? Is THAT what he means to do? Is Commander Ikari using us? I've had such suspicions before...but I never thought that...they could be true. Kaji was right.

HYUGA: "Something...What?! This can't be!"

SCENE: The Lance falls from the sky and strikes Unit-01 in the back. Asuka leaps away from Unit-01 and then grabs the Lance.

ASUKA: "Stupid old relic. Shouldn't have come back. And since Wondergirl already got to throw it, I guess its my turn."


SCENE: Asuka throws the Lance.  Immediately after, Evangelion Unit-02 ceases to activate.

MAYA (quietly): "It was too slow. The weapon is gone. What if...what if there are more than seventeen Angels?"

MISATO (thinking): How could the Lance have come back?  What propelled it here?  It seems I am not done investigating NERV and the Angels.


SEELE-01 (sound only): "It seems that Ikari has failed us. We must take action. There is still one more way we can evolve to a higher existence."

SEELE-06 (sound only): "Ah, yes. So the pilot of the reconstructed Evangelion Unit-00 does have use for us after all."

SEELE-11 (sound only): "Ikari, watch over your precious Eva Pilots."

SEELE 1-13: "Because in moments they will be no more."


SCENE: Misato's apartment. Rei is visiting, Hikari, Kensuke and Touji are also there, visiting. Its been a long time since Eva-01 was destroyed, so there has been the time to repair damaged Eva-02.

MISATO: "Hey, everyone! How about a little party to celebrate this day!"

REI: "Why is that?"

ASUKA: "Oh come on, don't ruin our fun by giving a purpose for this! It's because of me of course!"

SHINJI (with an anime sweatdrop falling down his face): "You never do change, do you Asuka?"

ASUKA: "Shut up Shinji, you're just feeling bad for yourself! Dork!"

SCENE: Asuka smacks Shinji upside the head and sits back down next to Hikari. Pen-Pen is happily waddling across the table.

SHINJI (looking at the floor): "I'm sorry."

SCENE: Asuka stands and points at Shinji, obviously angry.

ASUKA: "YOU'RE the one that never changes!"

MISATO (ignoring everything around her): "Pen-Pen, come here. Here's dinner."

SCENE: She sets down his food and he eats.

MISATO: "Well everyone, how does it feel knowing we've destroyed all of the Angels?"

KENSUKE: "I wanted to become a pilot, but now I can't!"

TOUJI: "My sister recovered."

ASUKA: "I'm the best!"

SHINJI: "Its good, I guess...what do you think, Misato?"

MISATO: "I've avenged my father's death."

HIKARI: "Asuka is feeling better now!"

PEN-PEN: "Wark!"

SCENE:  Rei stands quickly from the table.  Everyone speaking immediately silences themselves.

REI: "Someone's coming."

ALL BUT REI: "What?"

REI (slightly worried): "We must leave here, now. Someone is coming to capture the Evangelion pilots."

KENSUKE (shocked and dismayed): "Well I guess I'm glad I'm not a Pilot after all!"

ASUKA (to Kensuke): "Shut up!"

ASUKA (to Rei): "Well Wondergirl, how do you know THAT?"

REI: "I...don't know."

MISATO (pointing to Touji and Kensuke): "Hikari, take those two home"

MISATO: "Asuka, Shinji, Rei, come with me, Pen-Pen, go with Hikari."

SCENE: Hikari and the other 3 leave.

MISATO: "Come now, Eva pilots. We'll settle this once and for all."

SCENE: As Misato walks out of her apartment she reaches for the gun and ID card that rest on the table.  As she tucks them into her jacket, Asuka speaks.

ASUKA (dismayed): "Don't tell me you're actually going to USE that?"

MISATO (seriously): "I will if it's necessary."

SCENE: They leave the apartment and go outside, Misato stands in front of the 3 eva pilots as they walk out of the apartment.  They are still in the complex, however.

ASUKA (smirking): "Where's your 'danger' Rei?"

MISATO (ignoring Asuka): "Why don't we pull back and find a place to defend ourselves?"

REI: "No, they're coming."

MISATO (thinking): "Damn, that sounds familiar."

SCENE: Three men race up some stairs and spot them. All three draw guns. One takes out a hand-held radio and speaks into it.

MAN: "We've found all three of them."

MISATO (drawing her gun): "Oh no you haven't."

SCENE: The men shoot at Misato but she rolls out of the way and dodges the shots, pulling Shinji and the others out of the way. She shoots at them and one goes down, dead, the other is shot in the shoulder. The third suffered no damage.

ASUKA: "What the hell!? Why are you-"

SCENE: Suprisingly, as Asuka steps forward almost into the line of fire, Rei grabs her arm and pulls her back.

REI: "This way."

SCENE: Rei lets go of Asuka's arm and begins to run toward another set of stairs.

ASUKA: "First Child, what do you think you're doing!?"

MISATO: "She's right, Asuka. All of you go with her, I'll hold them off.  Get to the Evangelions, something terrible is about to happen."

SCENE: More shots ring out and the 3 Children escape.


SCENE: The Children arrive at Nerv Headquarters and get inside the Evas, keeping quiet so the techs have no idea what is happening.

SCENE: Shinji gets inside Unit-02 with Asuka.

ASUKA: What are you doing?

SHINJI: I don't have an Evangelion anymore, remember?

SCENE: Asuka glares at Shinji and allows him to kneel down next to her.


SCENE: The techs are all speaking to each other, holding coffee and relaxing on their break.  Suddenly alarms go off, and the three techs turn toward their computers.

MAYA: "The Evas have activated!"

HYUGA: "What?! Who's in the plugs?"

MAYA: "It's the Children! What do they think they're doing?"

ASUKA (over the speakers): "Exactly what should've been done a long time ago!"

ASUKA (thinking): Of course that's what it sounds like the way Rei is acting.  I hope that's right.

SCENE: The Evas descend to Terminal Dogma.

SCENE: Lillith comes into view of the Three Children.

ASUKA: "What the hell is that?!"

REI: "That is the 2nd Angel. That is Lillith."

SHINJI: "So why'd you lead us down here, Rei?"

REI: "In order to keep all humans apart, to prevent 3rd Impact, this being must be destroyed. Adam as well."

SHINJI: "Destroyed?"

ASUKA: "Of course you idiot! If that's what Wondergirl wants...well...there is no proof saying its not true, right?"

ASUKA (thinking): How does she even know this?!

SCENE: The 2 evas spread their A.T. Fields and then rip Lillith to shreds, spreading her across Terminal Dogma. Eva Units 5 through 13 come down into Terminal Dogma just as the job is done.  They seem to be seeking something, and each of them smile as Evangelions-00 and -02 come into their view.

ASUKA (fearfully): "What are those?"

REI: "It's the Eva series. I think they've anticipated this."

ASUKA (thinking): How does Wondergirl know so much about this? I wasn't told anything...

SHINJI: Anticipated? How'd they do that?  Evas can't think...can they?



"Ikari, you've destroyed our only hope, and our trust with it.  How you knew about this we cannot fathom, however you will pay. Prepare to die, and the First Child with you."


SCENE: Not much is happening in Terminal Dogma. They're basically just standing there, almost as if in a staring match.

ASUKA (getting impatient): "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's give them a taste of real fighting!"

SCENE: Both Evas leap at the Eva series and begin to attack, tearing them apart.

SHINJI: "We only have a minute left to destroy them all!"

ASUKA (hitting Shinji): "I'm well aware of that.  Just concentrate!"

SCENE: Eva-02 rips the head off of one Eva as Eva-00 tears another in half. It's carnage, but its getting the job done, and so far the two Evangelions are making great time.  After more fighting and destruction, Evangelion Unit-05 looks up into the air and the Lance of Longinus spears right through the ceiling, landing in the floor. Rei picks it up and uses it as a weapon, fending off the remaining three Evas.


SCENE: Eva-02 drives its foot into the head of one Eva, Rei impales one with the Lance. The remaining Unit is Evangelion Unit-05. Rei attacks from one side, Asuka and Shinji from the other. After rending the armor from that Eva, they proceed to rip it apart. The job is done, the Eva series have been destroyed. Rei and Asuka and Shinji watch as Eva-05 recovers, the rest quickly afterward.

ASUKA: "What? This can't happen!  Regeneration?!"

SCENE: Rei screams as Eva-05 tears off Eva-00's left arm. Eva-00 is disabled and Eva-05 continues to attack Rei's EVA.

SCENE: The techs are all frightened, without anyone to tell them what to do they don't know what should be done.

SHINJI: "Rei!"

ASUKA: "Shinji! Concentrate on the Eva, not on the First Child! She's not dead, she'll be fine. Now is the time to destroy the Evas, not hang around and do nothing!"

SHINJI: "Rei..."

SCENE: Asuka hits Shinji on the head and he takes his attention off of Rei momentarily to do Asuka's bidding.

ASUKA: "Spreading A.T. Field to full!"

SCENE: Rei throws her A.T. field up to protect herself, everything else, including the Eva series, is majorly damaged by the force of the two A.T. Fields activating simultaneously. Time for Eva-02 to be powered is now zero, and Evangelion Unit-02 powers down.


SCENE: Inside the entry plug, Asuka staring in shock at the blank wall of the entry plug in front of her.

ASUKA (angry): "No...this can't happen now!"

SHINJI (fearful): "The Eva series...!"

SCENE: The entry plug shakes violently and Shinji and Asuka are thrown around inside it, both of them screaming fearfully.

ASUKA: "Die...die...die...die...die...die...die...die...die...DIE! DIE DAMN YOU!"

SCENE: Asuka is pushing the handheld lever-things back and forth harshly.

ASUKA (screaming): "I'll kill them...kill...kill...kill...kill...kill...kill...KILL!"

SCENE: Eva-02 reactivating, its eyes lit up brightly.

SCENE: Techs all staring in shock at the computer in front of them as they survey Unit-02 being to berserk.

MAYA: "No! Evangelion Unit-02..."

HYUGA: " going berserk!"

AOBA: "Just like Unit-01 does..."

SCENE: Eva series about to rip apart unit-02

SCENE: Inside the entry plug of Unit-02, the Children cannot see what is going on, they can only feel the Eva moving.

ASUKA (unaware that eva-02 has reactivated): "I TOLD YOU TO DIE DAMN YOU!"

SCENE: Eva-02 tears the nearest eva to her to shreds. It grabs the Lance and uses it as a weapon like Rei did, only with more ferocity. Eva-02 destroys all the evas by different methods, decapitating, ripping apart, etc. until there is only Evangelion unit-05 left. Eva-02 spears it on the Lance of Longinus and then rips it apart with its hands.  Unit-02 suddenly lurches backward, as if struck by an unseen force, and falls silent.

SCENE: Asuka and Shinji staring ahead blankly.

ASUKA: "What...was that?"


SCENE: Lorenz Keel and the others of the organization SEELE are silent.


SCENE: Misato looking at the ID card of one of the dead assassins.

MISATO (thinking): So the Japanese government is behind this...The JSSDF and SEELE...The path to becoming one with God...what does this all mean? I can't believe humans are so filthy as to try this.

SCENE: Misato drops the ID card and leaves the bodies on the floor as she walks away.


SCENE: Rei unconscious in the entry plug of Eva-00


CAPTION: A few days later...

SCENE: Rei in a hospital bed, bandaged.  Shinji is also in the hospital, Asuka is the only one who isn't. Asuka and Misato and standing outside of the room where the two are, while a nurse looks at the two patients.

ASUKA: "I can't believe him! Just because we almost lost that idiot had to get all depressive! What's wrong with that kid? Oh...he makes me SSOOOOO angry!!!"

MISATO: "That's just the way he is, Asuka. We can't change that."

ASUKA: "And why not?!"

MISATO: "Well, you can't change the way people are. No one would be able to change the way you act, Asuka."

ASUKA: "That's because I have a will fifteen times stronger than his! You could tell him to stop acting the way he is and all he'd say is 'sorry'! What a wimp!"

SCENE: Misato smiling.

ASUKA: "I mean...just look at him! So peaceful in his little dream world, is he?! He can't stand up to reality in the least!"

MISATO: "Well Asuka, you seem to be feeling better. I don't think you were in very good shape a while ago, now were you?"

SCENE: Asuka turns crimson.

MISATO: "I don't think that you should be treating Shinji that way if..."

ASUKA (folding her arms across her chest): "Well I had an excuse! It isn't like we lost or anything! He just went into hysterics because we were so close to dying! But we didn't, did we? I don't see why that Shinji has to be so stupid! At least the First Child has a reason to be in the hospital! Shinji just freaked out, he'll never change. Idiot."

SCENE: Asuka looks at Shinji.

ASUKA: "Baka! When is he going to wake up Misato? I want to go home, and if we wait much longer, Wondergirl will be awake before he is!"

MISATO: "All right, Asuka. We'll be going home in a while."

ASUKA (throwing her hands up into the air): "Finally!"

SCENE: Asuka and Misato walk away from the hospital room.

SCENE: Shinji in hospital bed.

SCENE: Rei in hospital bed.


SCENE: Asuka in her plug suit, all around her is black.

Asuka looks around, confused.

ASUKA: "...Huh? Where am I?"

SCENE: Shinji standing in his plug suit, looking at her.  His background is also black.

ASUKA: "Shinji? Why are you here?"

SHINJI: "..."

ASUKA: "Oh...Shinji!  Hello?"

SCENE:  Asuka waving her arms in front of Shinji's face.

SHINJI: "..."

ASUKA (angrily): "Shinji! I'm speaking to you! Shinji? Shinji?!"

SCENE: Asuka brings her fist down onto Shinji's head.  Shinji falls to the ground, his stance and position the same and his expression unchanged.

ASUKA: "What the hell?"

SCENE: Asuka takes a step backward and falls through the blackness, landing on her back after some time of falling. After getting up, she turns around and is face to face with Rei, rubbing her back where she landed but confused that there was no pain.

ASUKA (fearful): "Not you too..."

SCENE: Rei smiles slightly and vanishes. Asuka looks very frightened now, and looks all around her. She sees Misato and Kaji standing together, smiling at each other.

ASUKA: "Kaji? I...I thought you were...dead..."

SCENE: Kaji's smiling face.

SCENE: Misato slowly yet completely disappears, and the black background is lost.  Kaji is left, standing before a fan, alone in a building which Asuka cannot recognize.  A man in the shadows is suddenly able to be seen, and he raises a gun.

KAJI: "Oh hi. You're a little late, aren't you?"

ASUKA (screaming): "No!"

SCENE: The assassin shoots, and Kaji dies. The scene fades to black again and Kaji's body fades away with it. Now before her stands Ritsuko and the three techs.

ASUKA (frightened): "What's going on? If this is a dream I want to wake up! I want to wake up *right now*!"

SCENE: Ritsuko looks at Asuka briefly and then looks away.  She is talking to Maya.

RITSUKO: "We might have to replace Unit 2's pilot..."

SCENE: Maya looks at Ritsuko with anger in her expression but says nothing.

ASUKA (yelling angrily): "What are you talking about? I'm fine now! Nothing's wrong with me! Nothing! Nothing! NOTHING!"

SCENE: Maya nods. They all disappear and in their place is a young gray-haired boy. He is wearing an dark-colored entry plug suit, with the number 02 on it.

ASUKA: "A replacement pilot? Who...who is that boy? That can't be Evangelion Unit-02's pilot...I'm its designated pilot...who is he?"

GRAY-HAIRED BOY: "I am Kaoru. I am just like you, one of the selected children..."

ASUKA (shocked): " you're not! I don't know you! WHO ARE YOU?"

KAORU: "I am the Pilot of Evangelion Unit-02."

SHINJI: "Kaoru! No!"

SCENE: Asuka swiftly turns around to face Shinji, who looks distraught.

ASUKA (thinking): How did he get here?  I could have sworn that...

KAORU: "Eva-02 is mine!"

ASUKA (angrily): "It is not! It's my Eva! No one can pilot it but me!"

SCENE: Kaoru narrows his eyes.

SCENE: An A.T. Field becomes visible before him, easy to see against the black that surrounds the three pilots.

ASUKA: "An A.T. field?!"

KAORU (yelling at Shinji, ignoring Asuka): "This is the light of my soul, a sacred territory in which no one may intrude! Aren't you Lilim even aware that your so-called A.T. field surrounds every mind that exists?"

ASUKA: "An Angel? They had an Angel in my Eva? They chose an Angel over me?"

SCENE: The black fades again, Lillith appears and Asuka sees her Eva-02 with purple blood leaking out of the throat, Eva-01 walking toward a floating boy who stood before Lillith.  Kaoru Nagisa.

ASUKA (distraught): "My Unit-02...beaten?"

SHINJI: "Asuka, I'm sorry..."

FLASHBACK:  Evangelion Unit-01 plunge the progressive knife into her EVA.

SCENE: Asuka watches in shock as her EVA is beaten.

ASUKA: " I don't believe that happened! It didn't! Its all a lie!"

SCENE: Evangelion Unit-01 with a hand covered in red blood, Kaji on the ground, dead.  Ritsuko kneeling on the ground with a red mark on her face.  Misato crying at the table with her answering machine close by.  Room 303's bed, with Asuka herself lying in it, dazed.  All of this stands before her, and voices begin to invade her mind.

RITSUKO: "...replace Unit-02's Pilot..."

GENDO: "Release the freeze on Unit-01!"

ASUKA: "Am I so worthless you couldn't do this for me?"

SHINJI: "Why does she get so angry?"

MISATO: "...he won't call again."

KAJI: "Dammit! Not now!"

Kaoru: "Eva-2 is MINE!"

ASUKA: "I'm the garbage now."

REI: "If you do not open your mind to her, you Eva will not move."

SCENE: Asuka is standing straight with a frightened look on her face as the voices fade with the scene before her, into blackness.

RITSUKO: "...replace Unit-02's Pilot..."

ASUKA (loud and angrily): "SHUT UP!"


SCENE: Asuka's room at Misato's apartment. Asuka is sitting up, holding the covers tightly in clenched fists. Her face is pale white, and she looks out the window.

ASUKA (shakily): "Only a dream..."

SCENE: Asuka looks at the moon for about a minute before lying back down.

ASUKA: "Just...a stupid...dream..."

SCENE: Asuka shivering.

ASUKA: "...a dream."


SCENE: It is morning.  Misato's apartment. Asuka is eating some toast and leaning back in her chair, quiet. Misato is drinking coffee and swirling a chopstick in her miso soup.

MISATO (thinking): Asuka's so quiet today...I wonder what's wrong? Well...I probably shouldn't provoke anything that might make her angry...

MISATO: "Asuka, Shinji woke up last night...he's coming home tomorrow morning, the doctors want to keep him for another night just to make sure he's okay."

ASUKA (quietly): "...right."

MISATO (thinking): ...This is strange...she was fine yesterday.

ASUKA: "...Misato? I...I'm going to be leaving a little early for school today..."

MISATO (defeated): "...All right."


SCENE: Asuka walking home, alone, from school.

SCENE: Hyuga driving by Asuka in his car. He pulls over when he sees the Second Child.

HYUGA: "Hey, Asuka, Ritsuko told me to remind you that you have synchronization tests today. Commander Fuyutsuki wants to make sure that you'll be there on time."

SCENE: Asuka stops walking and looks at Hyuga strangely.

ASUKA (confused): "Commander Fuyutsuki? What about Commander Ikari?"

HYUGA: "He's left the organization. He moved away."

ASUKA (shocked): "What about Shinji?!"

HYUGA: "Well...the Commander seemed a different man when he left NERV this morning. I don't know what came over him, but he and Shinji spoke together, and Gendo will be picking him up from Misato's house in one week. I never expected this would happen, but...especially since Shinji doesn't have an Evangelion anymore...he was pretty depressed.  And Commander Ikari didn't seem in much better shape, actually he's been like that ever since the destruction of Evangelion Unit-01."

SCENE: Hyuga shrugs.

HYUGA: "All well, Shinji's okay, that's all that matters right? Just make sure you're not late for the synch tests for Unit-02 later today."

SCENE: Asuka's eyes light up.

ASUKA: "Don't worry about it Hyuga, I'll be there!"

SCENE: Asuka hitting the wrist-button on her plugsuit. It fits to her body and she smiles.

SCENE: Evangelion Unit-02 with entry plug entering

SCENE: Evangelion Unit-02 activating.

ASUKA (smiling broadly)

ASUKA (thinking): My name is Asuka Langley Sorhyu, and I am the designated Pilot of Evangelion Unit-02.


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