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Evangelion Unit-02

Evangelion Unit-02 is the first production model of any of the EVAs.  It represents the four-eyed demon of war (notice the red color, like blood) and its Pilot is Asuka Langley Sohryu, the Second Child.  Its soul is Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu, the mother of Asuka Sohryu. Kyoko went insane during a synch test with Unit-02 and I believe her soul was sucked inside it.  Unit-02 was created in Germany and has had a pilot since the year 2005.  It is the most stable of any of the Evangelions and never berserks though it seems as if attempts were made (once in End of Evangelion and once before in genesis 0:11 during the mind rape).  It makes its first appearance during genesis 0:4.  Its first real battle is an underwater battle with the Angel Gaghiel.  Eva-02 is in operational status and is never defeated until genesis 0:9, when Eva-03 AKA Bardiel, the 13th Angel, attacks.  Eva-02 is thrown to the ground.  In genesis 0:10 Eva-02 is genuinely defeated when the Angel Zuriel, Angel 14, attacks NERV.  First Eva-02's arms are chopped off, and then Zuriel decapitates it.  In the next video, Eva-02 is defeated for the 3rd time by the 15th Angel, Arael.  No physical damage is done, but the pilot suffered severe mental injury.  Eva-02 is never again piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu during the TV series.  Its replacement pilot is Kaoru Nagisa.