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E-mailing Me~

You can send me e-mail at  Please please please please PLEASE have the "Pride Honor and Strength" subject.  If you don't, I will not open it.

As an added note, you can contact me with America Online Instant Messeger (Ayashi chan), ICQ (46975336) or IRC (ASUKASTRIKES).  If I'm in IRC, I will always be in the room #tokyo3 (on DALnet), but my nick may be..."Kurai" "Miaka" "Setsuna`" "Ayashi" "Teitiel" "Katan" "Sohryu" "Cait-chan" "Asuki" or something of the sort.  If there's an op in the room whose nick isn't "Takimi" or "kendrasue" or something, then it's probably me.  Just ask ^_^

Thank you.