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Are Asuka and Shinji a good couple?

Mild End of Evangelion spoiler ahead.

Please remember that this is just my opinion...some people think that Asuka and Shinji make a terrible couple, others think that they make a good couple.  I, personally, think that a relationship between Asuka and Shinji wouldn't work out too well.  Sometimes opposite attitudes work very well in a relationship, but Asuka and Shinji seem to be too opposite.  Shinji's 'do whatever anyone else asks' mentality and Asuka's 'do first, ask later' attitude contradict each other.  After all, Asuka is almost always angry with him, or yelling at him.  There's a reason for that ya know :p

During the TV series, Asuka and Shinji seem to be getting along fairly well.  Sometimes Asuka wants to kill Shinji, but that's normal.  If you don't think it is...that's too bad.  I have a friend who's a guy (not my boyfriend, just a friend), and pretty much every day I find a reason to yell at him, and if you think it's just a special circumstance for me, all of my other female friends get angry with him too, pretty much every day.  So even though Asuka seems to be cruel to Shinji, yelling and screaming at him everyday, it just wouldn't be realistic to see them getting along constantly.  Anyway, opposites supposedly attract with people, (though that definitely happens with magnets 0.o) and Asuka and Shinji are basically as opposite as they're going to get.  Asuka is a proud girl that has a take-nothing-from-anyone attitude while Shinji is a crying wuss that takes even jokes straight to the heart (I still love Shinji, well, I don't love him O.o but I still like him as a character.  I'm just giving him a few word description and that's basically how it came out ;.;).  I saw the first few minutes of End of Evangelion and I thought I hated him...then I got a fansub from a friend (*hugs Kim*) and I saw the entire thing.  After watching End of Evangelion in its entirety, I changed my mind about Shinji.  However, this has nothing to do with a Shinji-Asuka relationship so I'm going to shut up and continue O.o

Anyway, I can't really see Asuka and Shinji clicking together, as I explained earlier.  I can see them getting together maybe for a little while, but not as a long term relationship, so it would probably be better for both of them to pursue other people.  There aren't really any guys in the series that I think Asuka would be a good match with, but I think Shinji and Misato are kinda cute together.  Of course, the age difference (15 years o.o) sucks :/, but if Misato was younger and he was older they'd be so adorable ;.;  Anyway that's all I have to say ^_^