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Evangelion-related links:

Tokyo-3:  Maintained by CrimsonAngel, lots of pictures, music, information.


ASUKASTRIKES:  Maintained by ASUKASTRIKES.  This is my other webpage, containing lots of info, a poll, some pics, a shrine to everyone in Evangelion :: DOWN

(Angel's Retribution -- maintained by shinsachiel, is a site for the Evangelion fanfic Angel's Retribution  ^-^)

The Best of Rei Ayanami:  Maintained by Hell Spawn.  Contains music, pictures, information, all pertaining to Rei

NGEWorx -- Site design by Rion.  An Evangelion fanfic site.  Also contains mp3s of the month.

Angel Eyes: Maintained by Jupe, a Rei shrine, contains pictures, a message board, downloads, lots of stuff

EVAppreciation:  Maintained by Deathmuffin, a Evangelion site with info and pics

Neon Genesis Evangelion Database:  Maintained by Spawn.  Site with info on Genesis 0:0, movies, character bios, etc.

GAINAX HQ.:  Maintained by Gainax®.  These are the cool people that got Evangelion out into the world.

ADV Films:  These are the wonderful people that subbed and dubbed Evangelion.  LOVE THEM TO DEATH!

Other Anime-related links:

Anipike: lots of links for all kinds of anime, including Evangelion

Kinryouku: My Angel Sanctuary Site

Game related links:

Rpgamer: Maintained by numerous people, a very good webpage with information, music, fanfiction, fanart, almost anything you could want in a gaming site